Why it is Important to Check University Accreditation

University Accreditation is the university endorsements, which speaks of the fame and the quality of education imparted by this university. When a student seeks admission from a university, the accreditation is always checked to evaluate the credibility of the training or educational courses in the industry for evaluation of employers, other professional associations, and to other universities for further study and research purpose, etc. In case you have attended a non accredited university, despite your utmost effort and merit, your secured degree or marks may not be recognized with other industries, employers, and other foreign governments, in case you are seeking for an international career.

There are different utilities for accreditation as it helps in many ways. However one of the most essential issues related to it is an accreditation works like an authorization and tends to protect public from fraudulent educational centers, diploma mills, and fake educational associations and help students and employers. At the same time it denotes a parameter which helps students in selecting the right institutions and educational programs meeting standard of certain quality. Like an official approval it works like a stamp of authentication which ensures best possible quality on the curriculums from an educational institution/association as per International parameter.

University Accreditation works like a certification. As nowadays multiple options of education institutions are available in market this certification strictly recognizes quality concerns and works for consumer protection. It’s an initiative to support quality education and training programs as it’s a great service to nation.

Accreditation works like a denominator for a sound financial basis of the institutions: on the other hand, this official recognition assures government approved study courses which are recognized by other universities and industry, training and classes conducted by qualified teachers, ultra modern facilities and equipments available for study and research, effective administration, and impartial judgment and evaluation of students performance by systematic process of examination.

Other than working as a parameter to check university validation, there are some other functions of this authorization. These are

  • Declaration of a specific standard
  • Assisting potential students in categorizing suitable institutions;
  • Providing assistance for institutions in determining the suitability of transfer credits;
  • This notification helps in identification of institutions and plans for finding the investment of private and public funds;
  • Ensuring protection for an institution malicious internal and external pressure
  • Linking the faculties and staffs expansively for institutional assessment and planning process;
  • Launching criteria for expert documentation and licensure and ensure for improvement of courses offering such preparation.
  • Providing assurance of considerations for determining eligibility for Federal assistance.

In short Accreditation ensures a standard. It is easier to assess an institution or a university externally or by evolution of its curriculum or its yearly results. But with the endorsements its authenticity can be judged because the process for getting these authorizations is quite complicated and unless proper papers and supportive curriculums are presented it’s not possible to get these authorizations. In one word to check university validation, we can use accreditation as a parameter.