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Whether you want to try an online course, or complete an entire degree in a distance format, Online Education at WMU has the answer. This course is designed for young college students, but it has lessons for people of all ages, especially those concerned with how our online identities impact our real-world ones—and how online” and real world” are even poor distinctions in themselves.

Bigger markets increase the incentive to research and develop new products (coincidentally the very topic of my TED talk) A tool used to improve online education-an interface, an algorithm, a new teaching method-can be applied very widely, potentially world-wide, thus greatly increasing the incentive to invest in the education sector, perhaps the most important sector of the 21st century economy.

Our classes are taught by industry specialists who respect your time and work with you one-on-one when you want it. These professors bring real-world perspective to their classrooms and can offer you guidance that you want to achieve your professional goals.

In this course, you’ll examine corruption from a global perspective, discuss the degrees of corruption that are considered acceptable” or just the way things are done” in many parts of the world, and the impact that has on the rule of law, equitable treatment and fairness, and of course, the real lives of people around the education

The 700,000 viewers of my TED talk were charged nothing, but the far smaller group of people who have taken my offline classes were charged, along with the taxpayers, upwards of a million dollars.2 With these cost ratios, one imagines that many students would appreciate the option of a lower-cost product even if quality were somewhat education