Predicting the Top 6 Technological Developments for 2017

The technology available at the moment is simply amazing. Well, that thought is inaccurate since the advances that are yet to come in a few months time will startle you. Next is a look at the technological trends that will change the world in a few months time.

One concept that has been in expected to come for many years is the interconnected home that features every electronic device with a link to all others. Success on this front has been elusive because of the fierce competition between companies that could easily make it happen. However, some these parties are now collaborating, meaning that they must be working towards launching something exciting really soon.

As population control becomes more difficult, feeding the masses requires the use of technology. A solution has been found in synthetic food, which is now present in a powder that contains every nutrient required by the human body.

Virtual reality is set to make a larger impact on the lives of millions of users because of its increased use in medicine, entertainment, sports, and education. Hardware costs are the greatest impediments at the moment, but they are set to come down soon, making virtual reality increasingly accessible to many people. Another related technology that is set to experience an increase in use is augmented reality, and this is due to the success it has experienced in gaming.

Today, artificial intelligence has made certain positions in organizations redundant. Artificial intelligence is now being used to calculate policyholder payouts in the insurance industry, which makes it unnecessary to retain a large workforce to carry out the same tasks. Costs such as salaries, benefits, training, office space, and equipment are now avoidable. The cognitive technology in use makes it think like humans. Amazingly, it van interpret and analyze unstructured text, video, text, and audio.

Smartphone use is set to experience great changes since people are now becoming to the concept of everything on-demand. Virtually anything you desire is now accessible via your smartphone, and that includes cabs, accommodation, pizza, and even flights.

3D printing technology is now set to become more accessible to more persons since hardware costs are set to come down. Soon, every household will own a 3D printer. With such an outcome, it will be unnecessary to buy stuff since you can just print them.

Numerous other technological solutions will hit the market in a few months from now. It would be unwise to make predictions for a year because of the possible surprises that can come earlier than that.

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