What Skills Does Your Child Need for School?

School is a major determinant of your child’s personality development and success in life. Schools will impart essential skills to your child and help them take on the world when the time comes. The daily homework, the assignments and class activities are all meant to teach your child skills that will have a huge impact on their lives later on.

However, many parents tend to believe that school will teach their children everything that they need to learn, and they are free from their responsibilities. However, they cannot be more wrong. While there is much that the child must learn at home even as a student at school, there is much and more that must be taught to your child for them to really find their place in schools. These skills are what early learning programs at Fairlight focus on.

Here are some skills that you must teach your children before they go to school:

1.    Basic Hygiene

You should make sure that your child knows how to dress and undress themselves, use the toilet, wash their hands and face, take a bath and dispose off of garbage. This will make it easier for the kid handle themselves and stay clean when they are away from you and keep them away from any diseases. Moreover, this will also mean that not only they themselves are safe from these diseases but also their peers in school.

2.    Academic Knowledge

Of course, academia is the major responsibility of schools and you pay a hefty sum for them to teach these to your child, but introducing some basic shapes, letters and numbers will get your child exciting for all the learning to come. Plus, you can never know enough and if you start teaching your child at home before they go to school, they will definitely have an edge when grasping the more difficult concepts taught at school.

3.    Listening

The most important thing that can only be taught at home is to listen. Listening constitutes one of the most important skills to succeed and be a great human being. Once in school, talking to peers and sharing your own experiences over and over again can be a huge problem and one that may often go unnoticed. Teaching your child to listen is therefore essential.

You can do so by helping your child understand why it is important to listen and helping them practice it. You can read to your child so they develop an in listening rather than talking all the time.

4.    Sports

Helping your child master sports is one of the most important things for their physical health, especially in this digital age. Being addicted to video games and digital tools can be bad for your child’s health both in the short and the long term. Therefore, developing an interest in sports is essential for your child so that they stay fit, healthy and prioritize their physical health over digital games.