Tips for Choosing the Best School for Children

Deciding children’s education is undoubtedly very important. It has a great influence on their future. The school quality with all the facilities should be a particular concern for you.

Not only for studying, but the school will also be a place for your child to socialize. Children will spend a lot of time in school, including at the golden age, where growth and development are at its best. If you are looking for the best school for your child, St Andrews International School Green Valley is the best choice. International School Andrews, Green Valley, is one of the international schools in Thailand with the IGCSE and IB curriculum.

The following are things you should consider in choosing a school for your children.

1. The Learning Methods

The method of learning in one school with another may vary. It should be parents’ concern, especially if you intend to send your children to international schools.

2. The Right Type of School

In Thailand, there are many types of schools for your reference, such as public schools, private schools, homeschooling, international schools, and others. Start looking for complete information regarding these types of schools, including points that you consider.

3. Distance from Home to School

Schools that are too far from home will be troublesome, especially if your child is around 5-7 years old. Spending a long time on the road can make children feel tired. Keep in mind that tired children might lack enthusiasm for learning after they arrive at school.

4. Languages

Most parents would be happy to see their children have good foreign language skills, even though their child will only be at preschool age. It is what parents need to know when sending children to school. Does the school use foreign languages ​​as the instruction language or not? At least, the combination of Thai and foreign languages ​​is good enough.