Technical Director

Yet the technical foundations of the Internet were created in a government-funded military lab. The origins of higher technical education in Košice reach back to 1937, when the M.R.Štefánik State Technical College was established in the city. The Technical Handbooks provide guidance on achieving the standards set in the Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004 and are available in two volumes, Domestic buildings and Non-domestic buildings. During legal research and e-discovery for litigation, it should never happen that non-technical people may have to make technical decisions as it can directly impact our ability to litigate. This will be complemented by a new common evaluation framework to improve the ability to measure and compare the performance of different kinds of technical assistance and training across the IMF. You can rely on software to help you with your technical writing when working for a small company. In our Master’s programme Technical Medicine, you can become one of these experts.

The true birth of the Košice Technical College came on 8th July 1952, when the Czechoslovak Government issued Directive No.30/1952 Statutes setting up three faculties, namely the Faculties of Heavy Engineering, Mining and Metallurgy. Today, however, much of the work done in the field of technical communications is geared toward the conveyance of information either over the Internet or for use with computers and computer software. Referenced Key Documents (referred to within Technical Handbooks, can be found immediately after each section on the list below). Twist your lists into a writing style and keep your language as straight as you can.

A. Of or relating to technology or technological studies: a technical breakthrough in the manufacture of solar panels; a technical journal. Professional technical writers usually have a four-year degree in English or some sort of post-secondary training related to technical writing. If you are already a good communicator, technical writing training will give you the polish you need to turn you into an excellent communicator. The important event of the renaming of the College into the Technical University of Košice occurred on 13th February 1991. You are encouraged, wherever appropriate, to seek partners from outside your institution to cover the technical elements of the project, and/or to seek relevant external advice. The IMF will continue to rely on both external and internal evaluations to assess the effectiveness of its technical assistance and training. Technical writers come to the rescue, inspired by a bottomless pit of vocabulary suited to the material.

An up-close look at some of the courses tells me that this program indeed teaches skills that are immediately applicable in real-world technical communication situations. A Technical Plan should be no more than four pages long and provided for all applications where digital outputs or digital technologies are an essential part to the planned research outcomes.technicaltechnical

Our global network and national coverage enables us to cover every facet of recruitment needs within the technical and engineering arena. You should identify which aspects of the technical work will be undertaken by these project participants, identifying key individuals where possible.