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Admissions have ceased for the MA program in the History and Philosophy of Education. Support for the educational activities in the Gülen movement derives from shared values between the schools and communities they serve and is reinforced by the immediate benefits accruing to students and families in terms of improved social relationships and high academic standards (Kalyoncu in press:37, 83-6).

Students who have completed a master’s degree (MEd or MA) in the History and Philosophy of Education program, Philosophy of Education field must complete 4.0 full-course equivalents (FCEs) (some or all of which may be taken part-time), a year of required full-time study on campus, and a thesis.

Topics will include: progressive and child-centred education; liberal education; liberal theory and critiques of liberalism; radical and libertarian educational traditions; educational equality; privatization and marketisation; state control of education; faith schools and common schools; parents’ and children’s educational rights.

Our Ph.D. in Education graduates pursue successful careers as faculty and/or researchers in universities, research agencies, and school boards; obtain leadership positions in health sciences or government or pursue post-doctoral fellowships in their field of expertise.

Firstly, there is the aim of attaining the highest grades as the primary pursuit of an education. Peters, R. (ed.), 1973, The Philosophy of Education, Oxford: Oxford University Press. You will have an initiation into the analytic method of philosophising and also to the central questions from the history of philosophy. Plato’s educational philosophy was grounded in his vision of the ideal Republic , wherein the individual was best served by being subordinated to a just society. We will also address the relevance of ideas and debates within these areas for current issues in educational policy and practice. Include specific examples of your teaching strategies, assignments, discussions, etc. You may schedule a one-on-one appointment for help in preparing your Teaching Philosophy Statement.philosophy of educationphilosophy of education