Real Estate Training Courses

Maybe you’ve taken some kind of real estate course in the past. I find so many such courses promise so much but deliver so little and I think I know why.

1. Many similar courses are run by former real estate agents. Some of them might have enjoyed success but it seems the majority had a relatively short career before becoming a ‘real estate trainer’.

If I can offer one word of advice to anyone contemplating a such course, it would be to make sure your similar trainer is actually in the field doing it now, not yesterday’s hero who became a trainer.

2. I also find many such courses cover the things that don’t really make an agent any money. Knowing how to submit an offer is obviously important but it’s not the money making career building advice a relevant real estate course should deliver as a priority.

In summary. There are too many agents and not enough real estate marketers. Bestagents works with members to embrace a brand new world of potent real estate marketing that will help them stand out from the crowd.

Realestate training needs to look more closely at firstly establishing a new connection (contact) them supplying quality value added communication over time.

There is a misplaced trust in established ways that has ruined careers and retarded others. Take the ‘Free Appraisal’ letter.

For years realestate training specialists have touted this simple flyer style communication as a staple lead generation device and every now and then it will work.

But when you consider the number of agents using the same method, is it any wonder so many agents are struggling for listings?

So what’s the answer? How does anyone (experienced or otherwise) get original results from realestate training?

At Bestagents we have implemented an ongoing real estate training platform. New members are instructed from day one as to what must happen in order to generate real results. There is no ‘quick fix’ solution but rather a total real estate trainingsolution that helps members set up the essentials that generate results.

In the end, anyone looking for any kind of real estate training needs to ask themselves one very simple question: What is going to best influence my career success trajectory?