Primary And Secondary Education

The Master of Education Degree in Secondary Education program consists of a minimum of 30 semester hours. Curtin has a long history of excellence in the area of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) which are key areas of focus in education. The bachillerato técnico combines general education with some specific subjects, referred to as pre-vocational education and career orientation. This course is designed to allow the teacher candidate the opportunity to learn techniques involved in the successful engagement and management of a learning environment. In this major, you will have the opportunity to integrate academic content courses in your chosen subject area — biological sciences, citizenship, English, mathematics or social studies — with courses in education. High school graduates can continue their education to college or go straight to work.secondary education

Coursework examines speech and language development, instruction methods for remedial math, and language instruction in mainstreamed classrooms, as well as counseling and medical implications in special education. In the UK schools providing primary education in the state sector are known as primary schools. Baccalaureate degrees (BS and BA) are granted through the content area department and licensure is granted through the School of Education. The Secondary Education major at Arizona Christian University is designed with this idea in mind.

Speak with your university counselor to learn more about your opportunities for scholarships off tuition through GCU’s educational alliances or to find out about options for continuing education for teachers. In total, eleven Member States reported a majority of upper secondary pupils following vocational programmes and 16 reported a majority following general programmes. Students seeking licensure complete a major in that area as well as required coursework in Secondary Education to qualify for a Level I Utah State Professional Educator License.

GCU’s non-traditional tuition rates are for students who are interested in pursuing an online degree program or taking evening classes. As a secondary education student, you’ll be prepared to teach diverse students, integrate learning across disciplines and design creative and challenging curriculum—all essential for success in a middle or high school classroom. During the internship, you will have the major responsibility for a class, under the supervision of a mentor teacher. Streaming into Art, Science or Commerce streams is done at the beginning of the Upper Secondary stage. This policy mentions the establishment of General Secondary Education and Technical Education High School (GTHS).

Among the six non-member countries shown in Table 1, only Iceland and Turkey reported a majority of upper secondary pupils following general programmes. The student is responsible for knowing and meeting the requirements and deadlines for internship, program completion and certification, as well as all graduation requirements of the major department and of the University. During this course, students prepare and present their professional portfolios, hone their interviewing skills and complete necessary certification and job applications. This capstone course for education majors is taken in conjunction with student teaching. Based on PSLE results, students apply and are sorted into secondary schools for a 4 or 5-year course.