Physical Education HCPSS

APU’s Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education prepares students to inspire others to higher levels of physical fitness. Practicum experiences in teaching physical education to middle and high school learners with special emphasis on lesson planning, management, assessment, task presentation, and content development. This course will introduce students to the basic theories of Outdoor and Experiential Education in a distinctly Canadian and Christian context. Holds/will hold, by the date of commencement of the PME programme, a level 8 honours degree.physical education

Effective P.E. classes help kids develop skill and confidence, maintain physical fitness, learn about personal health and wellness, and demonstrate positive social skills. Has studied higher level degree content related to the subject area(s) in year 3 or 4 of their degree. Sports and recreation degree electives allow you to concentrate in your desired specialization. Eastern New Mexico University is committed to helping students finance their education. A physical education program will be provided each year for all students in pre-kindergarten through grade eight. The course serves as a pathway into a Master’s Degree for those graduates wishing to qualify as teachers.

Examines the major behavioral and control processes underlying the learning and performance of motor skills. All modules are delivered by experienced PE staff with strong academic profiles, who are aware of the knowledge and skills required to be a successful PE teacher.

These approaches to your studies will help you to develop both specific skills related to physical education and a set of transferable skills that can be used in a variety of jobs. The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Physical Education is offered for students seeking a Tennessee K-12 Physical Education Teaching License. It also highlights the benefits of physical activity, the sustainability of sport, the inclusion of persons with disabilities and the protection of children. The Strategy urges stakeholders to take action at global, regional and local levels to increase physical activity. PED-432 also serves as the second required philosophy core for Physical Education majors. The Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health”, adopted by the World Health Assembly in 2004, describes the actions needed to increase physical activity worldwide. Participate in excellent learning and practice facilities, including a kinesiology lab.

The physical education major is a California Commission on Teacher Credentialing-approved single-subject program. MTSU senior P.E. major Sarah Jane Barnes says MTSU’s Physical Education program has her on the road to reaching her goal of becoming a teacher.