Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Sets Up Zimbabwe Service For The Christ Embassy

The work of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has allowed this impressive man of God to find fame across the planet with millions of followers watching his TV shows, reading his devotionals, and awaiting his appearances live in person. In conjunction with his respected Christ Embassy, Pastor Oyakhilome has recently announced a live appearance that will take place Harare, Zimbabwe, an area of the African continent that the leading minister has been praising in recent times; the latest movement of his mission to take the Word of God to as many people as possible has included the growing subscription list for the “Rhapsody of Realities” devotional series that is now read in more than 100 nations across the planet to show just how far the reach of the Pastor has now extended.

Chris Oyakhilome was born in Nigeria and has taken his religious ministry to millions of people around the world with a range of successful live events taking place that have brought together believers in major sports stadiums across the planet. The Christ Embassy has a long reach that allows the followers of the group to work together on many different continents that allows a sense of community to be built between citizens of various nations; Pastor Oyakhilome has taken his teachings to many parts of the the African continent and has developed a growing number of followers in parts of North America and Western Europe. The fame of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome initially came when the minister began his satellite TV channel, but his embracing of technology has now seen the religious leader attract more than one million followers on Twitter and develop his own Smartphone app, Kings Chat.


In 2016, the Christ Embassy made its way to Johannesburg, South Africa where Pastor Chris Oyakhilome gave his followers an amazing night of successful teachings and learning about their own relationship to God. It was during this live appearance the religious leader made his first announcements about the neighboring nation of Zimbabwe that he described as a “miracle”, which had prompted some excitement and hopes the Pastor would soon be making his way to this small African nation to appear before his followers. A recent announcement explained Pastor Oyakhilome would soon make his way to Zimbabwe and provide his followers with a live event with healing and communion that has created a huge buzz across the entire nation where the ministry of Oyakhilome has many followers.


Across Zimbabwe the chance to get tickets for the May 7th 2017 event has been met with great excitement as the first batch of tickets will allow the people of Zimbabwe to get closer than ever to the Pastor as he provides communion and performs with his healing powers. Chris Oyakhilome will have his live appearance in Zimbabwe streamed live on his own Website in a bid to allow as many people in the world to see this amazing event and feel the spirit of God as the Pastor brings his uplifting message of joy and love to the people of Zimbabwe and beyond.