Online Education Programs

Introduction to the principal areas, problems, and concepts of psychology.  Although online education has its limitations, there are several advantages of online learning that explain why eLearning may be the greatest revolution in today’s education. Some online courses do not require any formal qualifications, although you may be required to obtain a certain amount of relevant job experience. Such online learning is usually targeted at professionals or students seeking training or preparing for certification exams. More than 70 National University degree programs are available 100 percent online.

Our admission advisors will guide you through the admissions process, find out about your goals and interests to help you choose a degree program, help you understand what online education is like, what to expect from your classes, help with the financial aid process, and will answer questions you may have.

Conscious of its role and responsibilities as a Central University, besides offering innovative on-campus programmes, the university, in order to reach out to the students who could not realise their dreams in the on-campus stream, forayed into the field of Distance Education in the academic year 1995-96.

For starters, more and more institutions of higher learning have introduced or reinforced their online education platforms, the main considerations being cost reduction for students and recruitment expansion in face of rising competition. To get started with distance learning, you first need to decide what you want to do. Online education offers a variety of schooling, such as Associate, Bachelor and Masters degrees and vocational training. They also benefit from studying online learning technology and how it drives course design, instructional methods, and outcomes. It’s a connection to the courses you want and need, no matter where you live and no matter where it’s offered across Ontario. While online degree programs improve college access, state regulations can limit it for some students.

The Campaign for the Future of Higher Education has released a new animated video about the promises being made by the online education industry. This information is just as valuable for the colleges that deliver online degree programs as the students who enroll in them. While we do our best to ensure the information provided on this website is both current and accurate, programs can and do change. Through careful research, professors and administrators can find, interpret, and apply key online learning data within their institutions.