Online Education Degree Programs

National University offers flexible online education degrees that are adapted to your program and your schedule. For instance, 60 percent of post secondary institutions report online offerings And the proportion of higher education students currently taking at least one online course is at an all-time high of 34 percent, or an estimated 7 million students—with online enrollment growing more than five times faster than total education

Online competency-based education has the potential to provide learning experiences that drive down costs, accelerate degree completion, and produce a variety of convenient, customizable, and targeted programs for the emergent needs of our labor market.

Since the implications of online pedagogy have not yet been firmly established, policy makers, especially, would benefit from a clear exposition of the advantages, disadvantages and possibilities associated with various online learning modalities. Regardless of these concerns, online education has made great strides in recent years. By having built that specific learning pathway in collaboration with the education provider, the employer knows that the pipeline of students will most certainly have the requisite skills for the work ahead.

Our online education programs provide you with practical, research-based strategies for improving student achievement combined with enriching opportunities for professional development and hands-on experience. Students should review these regulations before applying to online programs based in different states. Learning online opens up a world of opportunities for students who at one time thought a university education might be out of their reach. You can book your final exam online by clicking on the Book Exams” button in the ePortal.

Our online classes offer options that work around you, and allow you to read, listen to, or watch our customized course content from any web-enabled device. The counter-argument is that there is an ineffable quality of the classroom experience that raises its value well above the same material taught online. We offer online education options at the undergraduate certificate, associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree program levels, with the same quality education you’d receive on campus. As a result, schools with 2U programs charge similar tuition online as they do for their on-campus programs. Our suite of sophisticated online learning tools enables a seamless study experience. Online learning offers these working students a degree of flexibility difficult to achieve in a campus setting.