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I think Pearson would be delighted to have as much clout as the critics believe,” says Bernstein’s Aspesi. Investment firm GSV Advisors recently estimated the annual global outlay on education at $5.5 trillion and growing rapidly. Barber has an answer for that too: government-funded vouchers to make private schools free to the poor. That said, even if the standards are changed, they are likely to be replaced by new standards—and Pearson remains one of the only players with the size and scope to handle large testing or curriculum contracts.

Juice retain a superb knowledge of publishing software and skill sets required by Editors, Design Managers and Heads of Production which enables us to deliver solutions, required on time, for Primary, Secondary, Higher Education and Professional Sectors.

In Tondo, Aki’s mobile phone and his impeccable English, both of which he’s currently using to learn about global warming and interstellar travel, really do look like catalysts for a better life for his family. Pearson will have a stake in the winners; the Affordable Learning Fund takes at least one seat on each board. So Fallon is now pushing Pearson toward direct-to-­consumer education, primarily overseas. In the US, just the mention of its name is enough to make some education activists apoplectic. The figure is nearly on par with the global health care industry, but there is no Big Pharma yet in education. We provide education and assessment services, including those for English Language Teaching, in Greece and Cyprus as well as in more than 70 other countries around the world.

The businesses in Pearson’s English division include Wall Street English (center-based learning for consumers); English Language Teaching (institutional English language publications, including brands, such as Longman); Pearson English Business Solutions (online business English learning solutions), and Grupo Multi (the adult English language training company in Brazil).