How Much Do You Need to Prepare for College Entrance Exams?

There are many college entrance exams, including the PSAT, SAT, SAT Subject Tests, ACT, TOEFL, and Advanced Placement tests. Each of them requires extensive preparation. You don’t only have to know knowledge, but also how the test questions are presented and how the tests are scored. Preparation should start several weeks or months ahead of the test date. It involves reviewing past subject materials and using test prep resources that help familiarize you with the format of the given entrance exam.

Take Test Prep Classes

Testing for college is unlike any way you’ve been tested before. You can start well in advance by taking AP courses, which are often focused on college-level materials. A test prep class offers insights into how to answer questions, with methods such as the process of elimination. You’ll also receive practice tests and test preparation books; in addition to doing your own work in these, a teacher will review the materials and answer any questions you may have.

Most schools offer their own test prep courses. You can also find them outside of school. Private organizations offer them, and it’s not difficult to find preparatory courses online.

Practice with the Wording

The phrasing of questions is very important to consider, especially with aptitude tests. Your curriculum isn’t the only focus. Such exams target your strengths and weaknesses to help college guidance counselors predict how you’ll do academically. Your score may not represent your knowledge if you don’t understand the wording of the questions. This is an important area to focus on if you want to get into the University of Southern California or any other top school.

Know How the Test Is Set Up

The SAT penalizes you for wrong answers and gives you points for right answers. When you take the ACT, however, you are scored only on the number of questions you answer correctly. In other words, each test is different. You should never be led to think you’re ready for one just because you’ve mastered the format of another exam.

Balance Your Efforts

Practicing for your entrance exam to Alabama State University is important, but there are limits to how much time you should spend on it. Acceptance isn’t guaranteed even if you get a perfect score. Your school grades, essays, and extracurricular and community service activity participation are weighed as well. Also, retake the exam if you’re not happy with your initial test score, but stop at some point. Most people don’t improve their scores after taking an exam more than three times.

College test prep requires a lot of time and practice. However, you need to focus your efforts in the right places. Relevant practice goes a long way in reaching your score goals.