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What You Should Know About Hurricane Shutters

Owning a home in an area that is prone to hurricanes and storms every year requires that you take some drastic measures to ensure that your home, family and windows are protected against strong and damaging winds as well as flying debris. While there are different ways of protecting windows, one of the most reliable methods is the installation of hurricane shutters. You can choose different types of shutters for effective protection against devastating winds and debris flown around by hurricane winds. Shutters are a popular option due to their strength, affordability and versatility. Before buying hurricane shutters, there are some things you should know.

There is a huge misconception about using plywood instead of hurricane shutters. The level of protection that plywood provides on windows cannot be compared to hurricane shutters. Hurricane shutters are manufactured with strength in mind to ensure that they can withstand strong winds and also meet the latest design codes and requirements in the industry. Plywood can be a last-minute solution when you have no other option but should never be a permanent solution for protecting your home and windows against hurricanes. To ensure reliable protection, buy the highest quality hurricane shutters for your windows.

Hurricane shutters come in different types. The widely used types include roll-down shutters, Bahamas shutters, accordion shutters and storm panels. Roll-down shutters are installed permanently and can be used all year for hurricane protection, shade from the sun and added security. Accordion shutters also require permanent installation and are very easy to use with simple rolling across a track. For temporary installation, storm panels are the best due to their affordability and clear design for a better view. If you want permanent shutters that can enhance the look of your home, Bahamas shutters are the best option. The type you select should be based on the level of protection you want.

Hurricane shutters should also be well-taken care of and cleaned frequently. The fact that hurricane shutters act as the first line of defense against storm damage on your home means you should always make sure that they are working as expected. Whether you have installed permanent or temporary hurricane shutters, you should have them inspected by a certified professional annually, especially before the hurricane season starts. In case you have noted small problems like malfunctioning rollers or cracked shutters, you should immediately call a professional to fix the problems. Opening and closing your shutters regularly can also help you know the current status. For cleaning, some warm water and mild soap will do the job.

To buy the best hurricane shutters, search for the most established companies specializing in storm protection in your area. While some people opt for DIY installation of hurricane shutters, it’s highly advisable to hire an experienced professional for the initial installation. Professional work comes with guarantees that completed installations are reliable and can be relied on for hurricane protection. Professional installation also comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that protects against possible defects. Working with the right experts helps you understand everything about the options available, installation and maintenance.
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