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If you choose to major in education at Saint Louis University, you can choose from six different concentrations, from early childhood education to secondary education. Prerequisites: Successful completion of all courses in POS and content area; a 3.0 GPA; successful completion of NES or your state’s mandated content area exams; and approval and placement by the College of Education Office of Clinical Practice. National Institute of open schooling (NIOS), National Board of education by MHRD, Govt. More than half of last year’s Goshen College Education Department graduates decided to stick around and set up their first classrooms right here in Northern Indiana. Bloomsburg University’s secondary education undergraduate program includes teacher education, educational studies, educational technology, student teacher supervision (7-12) and secondary education. The major teaching area qualifies you to teach up to year 12 in secondary school.

Higher education: 18 and over Children may end their schooling after passing secondary school if desired. After earning your Master of Education in Secondary Education degree, you will have the skills and credentials you need to become a licensed junior high or high school teacher, and effectively manage a secondary education environment. Find out more about the advantages of studying secondary education at Towson University.secondary education

If you cannot attend during traditional class hours, we have Saturday and summer courses as well as some online courses. You will be qualified in two teaching areas, and able to teach all years in a secondary school. However, the exceptional teacher is one who connects with students’ initial ideas, strategies and theories, whatever their background. And as the child learner develops, the teacher continues to be a big influence in the classroom as a role model and support mechanism. The core education units comprise the bulk of the course and are taken throughout the four years. The secondary education system of Hong Kong, just as other East Asian countries, is examination-oriented. Programs leading to teacher certification may require practicum hours, state exams, student teaching and an institutional recommendation from GCU. GCU offers the most experienced leadership in delivering online degree programs.

You will learn how to be responsible for teaching specific content area subjects to secondary school students. The current technical education program lacks both a strong quality framework and quality inputs. In terms of quality, students graduating from grade 12 need improved and relevant knowledge and skills for technical, vocational, and higher education. You can apply for opportunities to gain valuable experience of education systems in other countries. Secondary education aims to give students a good level of common knowledge, and to prepare them for higher education, for a vocation, for life and for business in line with their interests, skills and abilities.

The vocational course is a one-year programme provided to upper secondary school students who, for various reasons, do not want to continue their education. After completing leaving exam course, they take the leaving examination, which makes the eligible for university education. Teacher candidates will survey how adolescents grow and develop, recognizing that patterns of learning and development vary individually within and across the cognitive, social/emotional, and physical areas. Since 2015, the Ministry of Education has started an experimental program to merge the Graduation Exam and University Entrance exam into one. The degree is recognised nationally and internationally for those who aspire to teach students aged twelve to eighteen in public and private schools.