Following A Life Of Ministry

With a passion for ministry, it is difficult to find missionary training schools providing gospel programs that align with an individual’s beliefs and values.  The New Tribes Bible Institute prepares anyone being called to serve God through ministry.  Using the Bible at the center of the curriculum, biblical programs offer a foundation to understanding God’s word.  Over the two-year course of study the Bible is presented to student’s in a chronological manner.  Studying the doctrine chronologically allows students to understand biblical events as they happened through history.  Quality religious education at New Tribes Bible Institute prepares students for all types of ministry work from church leadership roles to going on international missions.

Beginning the teaching of ministry in 1955, the main campus is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Since their establishment, New Tribes Bible Institute maintains a low student capacity around 300 to keep the study of religious education friendly and personable.  A low ratio of three students to one faculty member allows for a deeper understanding of biblical knowledge.  Beginning with the first book of Genesis and ending with the last book of Revelation, academic courses are offered for individual books of the Bible.  Such courses as Proverbs offers student’s an in-depth look into the understanding of biblical wisdom.  Rather than relating Proverbs to only historical biblical events, the academic course connects the wisdom of Proverbs to the issues of today.  Addressing issues of humility, work ethic and parental relationships in today’s context allows students to relate personally to the teachings of the Bible.

Other academic classes offer student’s the opportunity to further develop their relationship with God.  Courses provide students with skills to interpret the word of God.  Interpretation skills equip students to develop personal and professional Bible study habits.  These habits give student’s the ability to deepen their relationship with God.  From personal development courses students can carry their study skills wherever God directs them to go.  As student’s complete the two-year program, they can use these skills in a variety of ministry settings including public speaking, discipleship and evangelism.

To see first-hand implications and use skills taught in the classroom, students can embark on a mission.  The New Tribes Bible Institute allows students to experience a cross-cultural missions trip.  Student’s earn two to four course credits to apply toward a degree of religious education.  Two mission programs are available, the Interface trip and the Wayumi adventure.  The Interface trip gives students the opportunity to travel abroad to Papua New Guinea.  While abroad, students interact with tribal people and see what it takes to plant a church.  The Wayumi adventure let’s student’s experience mission programs without going abroad.  Student’s spend time on an exclusive campus in Pennsylvania to explore what the gospel states about reaching different people with His word.  Student’s learn an introductory course on a tribal language from veteran missionaries.  If a student doesn’t want to experience a mission, the campus gives student’s a friendly atmosphere giving student’s the opportunity to play intramural sports while sharing in the same spiritual beliefs as others.  The mission training school as gives student’s the chance to connect with others of different cultures by the student body being nearly 10{cd8b7cc200b074e1721cf0e63bc872957c1a49f84884f7ef5a0d76514d6d2399} international student’s.

The New Tribes Bible Institute gives student’s the unique opportunity to be involved in a spiritual community while divulging in the word of God.  Student’s receive a deeper understanding of knowledge to take with them on international missions to people who do not have a concept of God.  With comprehensive courses in the Old and New Testament students can get the education to match their passion for God.