Fethullah Gülen’s Philosophy Of Education In Practice

The program provides students a challenging opportunity to deepen and widen their humanistic, philosophical thinking about education. This field affords doctoral students the opportunity to work with faculty who are experts in subject disciplines (e.g. Mathematics, History or English education) or Educational Foundations (e.g. Educational Philosophy, Social Contexts). Completion of TPS 1440H An Introduction TOPhilosophy of Education is mandatory in both options (unless a course deemed equivalent has already been taken). Your assessment should point the way toward gaps in the essay or areas that need to be reworked during subsequent revisions.philosophy of education

You’ll also check to make sure that you’ve illustrated your personal beliefs with specific examples of classroom practice that take into account disciplinary contexts and constants. This module provides detailed knowledge of some of the major trends in current philosophical logic and in philosophy of language. I particularly agree with Einstein, that education (and teaching students philosophy from a young age) has two central functions relating to the individual and their society. We offer students extraordinary access to leading-edge opportunities for intellectual, professional, and leadership development to address the increasingly complex challenges of a global society.

Gülen movement activities include informal study groups (sohbets) organized by participants to cater for their own education and spiritual needs. While elementary education made the soul responsive to the environment, higher education helped the soul to search for truth which illuminated it. Both boys and girls receive the same kind of education. Ph.D. students affiliate with one of three concentrations, each representing a fundamental field of inquiry that addresses critical questions in education reform.

Students who have not completed a master’s (MEd or MA) degree in the History and Philosophy of Education program, Philosophy of Education field must complete TPS 1419H Historiography and the History of Education as part of their required 4.0 FCEs. Fact: The course opens critical spaces to think about educational policy and practice in relation to a wider socioeconomic and political analysis. Explore progressivism and give examples of how this may be demonstrated with students.

Some simply seek to foster the dispositions regarded as desirable by a society using methods laid down by its culture. In addition to fulfilling his departmental obligations and administering the School of Education, Dewey published several books and articles on education and philosophy. Teaching tolerance, respect and world awareness might be seen as the key ingredients of well-rounded students, producing young citizens who will be decent, moral and considered in a mature society. Leadership classes are almost always offered on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. He might then be a mere eclectic, but he need not be, since he might defend his compromise plan on the basis of a whole social philosophy.