Department Of Teacher And Bilingual Education

The Master of Bilingual Education degree program offers an interdisciplinary curriculum that prepares specialists in the field of bilingual education and master teachers of students who do not speak English as their primary language. In Iraq however, triple language programmes are, like in Lebanon and Syria, normal, except rather than using French, Kurdish is taught alongside Arabic and English due to Iraq’s considerably sized Kurdish minority in the north, and bilingual official language policy regarding Kurdish.

These programs are not very popular in the United States, but research has shown that non-English speaking students taking advantage of these programs effectively learn how to write and speak in English. To advocate for and enhance the development of educational policy and programs that will positively affect learners and communities of linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds. If this educational experiment had proven its worth, as I had hoped when I walked into my first clasroom as a Spanish/English bilingual teacher in 1974, I would be its most vocal supporter.

Scotland , Northern Ireland , Wales , Cornwall , and the Isle of Man have each established bilingual programmes which provide education through the medium of their indigenous language. And yet, the state faces a major obstacle to significantly increasing the number of such programs available to students: a severe lack of teachers qualified for the work.

In the United States, methods to measure student achievement have not drastically changed in the past twenty years. Changing demographics is one reason for the growth, said Hilda Maldonado, the executive director of multilingual and multicultural education for L.A. Unified. Even without widespread support, many California students do graduate in full command of two languages. The Department of Teacher and Bilingual Education prepares education professionals for classroom and leadership roles in schools with diverse populations in the changing cultural, linguistic, and educational environments of South Texas and beyond. Researchers say interest in multilingual education is reemerging across the country. While many of our courses and programs are widely available, you may find some that are not offered in certain locations or formats.bilingual education

State and federal legislators have kept a notoriously low profile on this issue, reluctant to change existing laws in order to give school districts a choice of programs for fear of losing ethnic votes. Since an important goal of bilingual education is to promote literacy and content-area knowledge in the native language, there is a need for more teachers who are themselves bilingual. These are children who are, for the most part, limited- or non-English proficient and account for the greatest number of English learners in bilingual and ESL education.