Department Of Health, Physical Education & Recreation

The Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy offers a PhD in Curriculum Studies with a concentration in Physical Education.  Our National Standards for K-12 Physical Education serve as the foundation for well-designed physical education programs across the country. Graduates will have an understanding of key principles, concepts, and skills of Physical Education and are knowledgeable of contemporary developments in their subject matter. Student evaluation is an important part of physical education, such as recording how many situps a student can do at the beginning of the school year and how many they can do at the end. Students will become familiar with physical demand analyses and the principles involved in redesigning tasks to minimize risk of injuries. Graduates will develop care and concern for the personal welfare and development of pupils and the promotion of social justice in society as well as fairness, inclusion, and equity in physical activity environments and school/community settings.

You also have the option to complete a sequence of study so you are qualified to teach as a Special Education teacher. You will be able to demonstrate the application of key pedagogical principles in movement education especially as they relate to youth. If you’re interested in working in the wellness or fitness fields, health and wellness is the degree program for you. As the nation’s largest membership organization of health and physical education professionals, SHAPE America has experts available for interviews on topics relating to physical activity, physical education, health education and sport. Has studied 90 ECTS credits in the relevant subject area(s) as part of their degree. PED-432 is the Capstone Course for the Physical Education Department and is required for all majors in the 4th year. WHO Member States have agreed to reduce insufficient physical activity by 10{cd8b7cc200b074e1721cf0e63bc872957c1a49f84884f7ef5a0d76514d6d2399} by 2025. Physical Education graduates have been hired by school districts all across Tennessee and in surrounding states.

Choose a preferred time for your call-back and fill in your details on this short Teacher call-back service form , or call us between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, using the contact details below. The importance of physical activity to the economy, the culture and health of people is an important subject of study and can lead to many employment opportunities. The focus of this degree is to transition individuals from physical education teacher to the role of a physical education teacher educator and researcher. Has thousands of articles about every imaginable degree, area of study and career path that can help you find the school that’s right for you. Physical education is an integral part of the total educational process, which contributes to development in the cognitive, affective, motor, and health-related fitness learning domains.

Citation: Citation: National Standards for K-12 Physical Education – Spanish Copyright 2016, SHAPE America -Society of Health and Physical Educators, 1900 Association Drive, Reston, VA 20191, rights reserved. Martha H. Verbrugge, Active Bodies: A History of Women’s Physical Education in Twentieth-Century America. Physical activity has significant health benefits and contributes to prevent NCDs.

An introduction to special populations, together with an examination of topics related to integration, design and objectives of physical activity programming. Be involved in field studies, seminars, internships, and experiential learning opportunities. An introduction to the foundations and principles of coaching sport and physical activities.