College Of Education

According to the Bureau of Labor, jobs for middle and high school teachers is projected to grow 6 percent from 2014 to 2020.  The Pre School is associated with the Early Years of Education (EYE) programme which is basically consists of initial three years of education starting from Play or Pre Nursery Class students age 3+ and Nursery Class Students age 4+ and Prep Class Students age 5+. The most private school have varied classes names for Pre School Classes I-e, Nursery, Kindergarten-1 and Kindergarten-2.

Primary Education is free and mandatory by the Government of Pakistan in the Provincial Government and Federal Government Public Schools. In 2013, pupil-teacher ratios in lower and upper secondary education were broadly similar to those observed for primary education. In the United States, authority to regulate education resides constitutionally with the individual states.secondary education

I authorize the Office of Financial Aid to release appropriate information on my academic progress, including grades, and the amount of any aid and award I receive to state, federal and other agencies, institutions, and others involved in providing funds for my education.

Each of the secondary programs prepares teacher candidates to work in academic-specific, inclusive and diverse settings through a combination of required content and education courses with practical experiences in urban, suburban and rural classrooms.

The quality of education may be linked to teaching standards, which in turn are related to the demands placed upon teachers, the training they receive, the roles they are asked to fill and the resources that are made available for them to carry out their tasks.