Instilling Spiritual Discipline Through Wilderness Therapy

Programs for troubled youth that utilize wilderness therapy have been clinically proven to be highly effective. The significant improvement persisted long after the program ended, which is not a surprise for the trained professionals involved in this strategy. They know from experience that authentic wilderness therapy is effective because it instills spiritual discipline in the participants. It has the ability to diminish the over-inflated ego and lift the crushed spirit.

In this regard wilderness therapy is unique among the plethora of troubled youth programs. It promotes spiritual discipline by encouraging an appropriate sense of self. It literally takes the youth out of their comfort zone and insistently confronts them with a larger reality. Human scale is dwarfed by wilderness. At the same time, Woodcreek Academy notes that an authentic wilderness experience connects the participant with their surroundings, validating their existence as part of the larger whole.

This is the essence …

Does Attending an Ivy League School Really Matter?

Ivy League schools are the brass rings when it comes to college experiences. The amount of applicants the schools receive each year is staggering, but they keep their student populations fairly low. That’s part of what makes them so competitive. But is it worth all the hoopla? Will an Ivy League education put you so far ahead of the pack that it’s worth going nuts during high school to try and get in? Unfortunately, there’s no black and white answer to that. While Ivy Leagues do offer some distinct advantages, they certainly aren’t the only game in town when it comes to education, post-graduate opportunities or prestige.


Ivy League schools offer unique and amazing networking opportunities both before and after graduation. They often boast incredibly distinguished alumni, and gaining admittance to such an exclusive club could have an amazing effect on your future. That said, just because you attend …