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The Advantages Digital Marketing Online marketing is a term for marketing products or services using digital technologies, actually mainly on the internet. This can also include mobile phones, advertising displays and other media of digital. digital marketing actually became more popular in the 2000s up to now. Basically web marketing is still a growing field and more people are venturing into it. there are numerous forms of products that can use digital marketing to yield their adverting efforts. In the use of digital marketing in the web era not only allow for brands to advertise their products and services but also allows for online client support throughout services to make the client feel supported and appreciated. social media uses for example WhatsApp and Facebook interaction allows for different products to have that encouraging and negative feedback from their clients as well as influencing what media platforms work for them well and has grew to be greater than before advantageously for brands and businesses Websites and blogs have allowed other social media for the consumers to post their comments widely. It has turn out to be more and more popular for businesses to exploit and encourage these conversations through their social media channels to have direct contact with the purchaser and manage the feedback they get appropriately. Understanding brands has been viewed as to work with more efficiency in countries that are more in uncertainty avoidance; selling goods and services on social media works perfectly well products have to be more careful not to depend on the use of the traditional ways of selling their goods and services, as well to solely rely on it as it might have consequences on their image. Brands that stand for themselves in an emotional way are possible to succeed in situation where a brand is promoting to this geographical areas. Given that social media like Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram and snap chat use might bring about improvement on the facts of the brand and hence minimize the uncertainty, likely that people with high level of uncertainty evasion, like French, will be thankful for the interaction on Instagram and Facebook with anthropomorphized brands. moreover web platform gives an easiness to the brands and its clients to interact directly and do trade purposes virtually. online marketing brought about cost reduction on advertisement, in online selling of commodities and services less amount of funds will be used compared to the traditional ways of marketing services and commodities such as, flyers, billboards, flyers and newsletters.

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