Bayonne School District

The State Board of Education is the K-12 policy-making body for academic standards, curriculum, instructional materials, assessments and accountability. Board meetings are conducted according to the provisions of the state’s Open Public Meetings Act (Sunshine Law). Each year the Board approves a budget designed to finance the county public school program. The business administrator, in conjunction with the board’s Operations Committee, prepares a preliminary budget that is approved by the entire board before being submitted to the county superintendent of schools.board of education

The Commissioner of Education serves as both the secretary and as its official agent for all purposes. Board of Education meetings that are open to the public are posted on our Meeting Dates & Agendas page. Access Jeffco Public Schools BoardDocs site, where you will find Board of Education agendas and district policies in a searchable format as well as the latest news and important documents. This was done to try and eliminate some of the corruption associated with the spoils system and capricious distribution of government jobs to unqualified individuals.

Teachers and other district employees should also promote positive, non-discriminatory, merit-based employment practices. Regular meetings also provide the public an opportunity to address the board on any school matter. When necessary, the Board may institute court proceedings to acquire property needed for school purposes. Written comments on proposed rules are accepted 30 to 60 days following publication in the Register and may be sent to the State Board office at the Department of Education. The Department’s test vendor is prohibited from sharing AzMERIT non-test student data with any entity other than the Department of Education. Not only is education regulated by individual state governments, but education is often more closely regulated on a local level by school boards. When state and federal funding is lost it becomes the burden of the taxpayers of that district to compensate for the loss in funding.

The BOE authorizes the School Business Administrator to pay the sum of $200 dollars to any person who is not an employee or relative of an employee of the Bayonne Board of Education, who provides credible, factual information that leads to the removal of a student illegally in our school district.

Among our primary duties are the identification of educational goals to be met by the school District; the consideration and approval of an annual budget for submission to the Board of Selectman, the Board of Finance and the Town Council; the selection of a Superintendent, who serves as the executive officer of the Board; and the employment of principals, teachers and other school employees.board of education