A Simple Plan: Bathtubs

Bathtub Reglazing and Picking the Right Service

Your tub is now gotten old and ugly and you want a change. You are so tempted to buy that brand-new $300 bathtub unit at the retail hardware store. You can reglaze or refinish that old tub, on the other hand, and deal with less hassle and less cost and still have everyone thinking it’s new.

For about $300 to $400, a reglazing company will put fresh coating to a typical tub within a day, and it can be used again in a matter of two to four days – definitely faster than a total replacement!

Finding a Bathtub Reglazer
Doing Tubs The Right Way

Though all bathtub refinishing projects must result in a brand new-looking bathtub unit, not all service providers can deliver such results. To find the right professional bathtub reglazing service, take the following steps:
Discovering The Truth About Bathtubs

> Ask for quotes from at least three contractors.

> Ask them about their product, whether they offer any warranties or guarantees, and how long you have to wait for them to finish the project.

> Research the contractor’s background, particularly their level of experience in reglazing and any certifications they may have.

> Since the reglazers need to enter your home to do their job, know what background checks are used to screen their workers or subcontractors.

> Ask for client references and let them show photos of previous projects.

> Don’t even consider hiring someone who is not licensed, bonded and insured, even if they seem great in all other areas.

The quote should be given to you in written form. This keeps surprise charges at bay as the job draws to a close.

Common Bathtub Reglazing Problems

Even if you’ve hired a well-reputed professional, not all jobs are perfect. In the world of bathtub reglazing, these are signs that something is wrong:

> Bubbles – indicates there is air trapped in between individual paint layers, either because the coating was not allowed to set properly before the bathtub was used again, or drying time was simply inadequate

> Fading – occurs when the coating or paint is too thinly mixed or does not dry properly, or if the reglazed bathtub is cleaned using very harsh and abrasive products

> Roughess – shows that before the coating was applied, the bathtub’s surface wasn’t sanded or cleaned properly

> Sticky feel – a sign that the coating hasn’t set completely and possibly requires reapplication, although it can also mean that the reglazing chemicals were not mixed correctly, or that the coating reacted to something, such as a cleaning agent or chemical

Just because you’re hiring a professional bathtub reglazer doesn’t mean you don’t have to be on top of this project. After learning about the ways to find a good contractor and spotting reglazing problems, everything should be just fine.