2021 Schools: What the Future Holds in Education

Education is changing as society shifts over time. The system adopts newer curriculums and practices that better fit today’s kids, their learning habits, and the tools that can help innovate and lead the new generation to charge ahead and surpass us who came before them. As you search for the perfect middle school in Salt Lake City and other nearby areas, these are some of the things to look for in your educational institution of choice.

  • Personalized Opportunities

Some schools are implementing Personalized Learning (PL). A study on charter schools has revealed that this type of learning has its own distinctive merits in improving the academic achievement of students. Among 5,500 students, 60{b70384d16f32cd1cb4b13fea753a619a71c484c7542f3254494f5ffcc4ca0cc6} surpassed those in traditional programs.

Though the specifics of how it is implemented may vary per institution, its core concepts involve tailoring the educational program per student to fit their learning pace and process. Often, that helps in identifying specific paths that can best work for each individual. It allows teachers to recognize each student’s strengths and weaknesses. It can also streamline a direction more smoothly for them to pursue while still instilling basic all-around knowledge in necessary units.

The implementation of PL often includes personal student records that can be accessed by each student so they can keep track of their own progress and goals. The same study showed that significant results could be seen within two years of studying under PL, with students surpassing the national norm at this point.

  • Counseling and Support

A study published by Phi Delta Kappan revealed that most schools with well-performing and exceptionally disciplined students hit five core elements. A couple of them are the increased sense of belonging students had in the school and the use of advisor-advisee programs to help with personal problems. There are schools these days that offer specific counseling centers as well as educational support to cater to students’ issues, both in their personal lives and with their learning.

That not only provides a platform for young learners to express themselves and feel heard but also hones their coping and socialization in a healthy and guided manner.

  • Better Organizational Arrangement

Proper leadership roles can help create more discipline and instill good habits when the system isn’t authoritarian. Part of the five core elements revealed from the Phi Delta Kappan study, which covered 500 schools, also showed the importance of reducing status differences and improving organizational arrangements. Doing these things maximizes the potential of students in their learning environment.

Part of this includes a more flexible schedule that allows students to develop their pace in line with the curriculum, measure their competence, and give instructors more room to attune their lessons with each student. It is another factor that contributes to the success of Personalized Learning.

Finding the right school to hone your child’s potential and give them a healthy environment to thrive in can be a vital step in their development. Searching for one that makes use of these innovative approaches can make the difference.