Elena Marqueto-Kelly teaches an advanced Spanish class for first- to third-graders at Grupo Educa School in Pasadena. The new measure would keep the current English immersion programs as a minimum requirement for English learners but would allow school districts to create their own bilingual education programs as they see fit to serve those students. The proposition’s strongest opponent is the man who created the bilingual education limits through Proposition 227, the original ballot measure passed 18 years ago. You will receive a regular newsletter with scholarly articles, news from around the state, and features about successful schools and programs from around the state. This allows them to increase their network and also gain an understanding of all of the elements that contribute to and surround language education both here and abroad. Bilingual teachers are among those most in demand, along with special education, science and math teachers.

But the press …

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All About Cell Tower Lease Rates and Buyout Agreements

The term cell tower site describes a place where tools and antennas designed for electronic communication are positioned on a tower or a radio for making a cell on any network on any cellphone. Main constituents of a cell tower site are a tower or any elevated structure, transceivers, control electronics, digital signal processors, sources of regular electric power, GPS receiver and sheltering. Elevated or tower structure is very much needed for placing antennas. Besides being places on an elevated structure, the cell tower antennas can be placed on the roof of a very solid and massive building. This trend of mounting cell tower antenna is mostly found in urban areas.

Apart from these common cell tower sites, you can also find several unconventional cell towers in certain cities. These types of cell towers blend in the surrounding environs. Hence, they …